2014 SAPC Open + Novice Series

This year we will be running two tournament leagues, Open (D1-D3 PALS Classifications) and Novice (D4 PALS Classification).

The leagues will be using the PALS Race format, with Open being PALS Race to 4 and Novice being PALS Race to 1.

Open will allow either PSP of Millennium Ramping capped at 12 BPS as per PALS/APPBF rulings and Novice will be a restricted mechanical/pump action only league.

Changes this year include:

  • The use of the PALS/APPBF Rules
  • The introduction of Ramping, you will have the choice of PSP or Millennium capped at 12.5BPS for 2014
  • The introduction of a new mechanical D4 for new and returning players to the sport
  • The introduction of a player classification database using the APPA, this will require teams to register online prior to events, and will allow us to track scores in real time online.
  • Endorsement from the heads of PALS/APPBF and Millennium Series/EPBF

OPEN (D 1/2/3 PALS)

NO PRO PLAYERS ALLOWED. All players in the team can have a maximum of 2 (two) Semi-Pro players. (Semi-Pro defined as SPL Millennium, Div.1 NPPL, Div. 1 PSP)
Game Time: 10 minutes.
Race to: FOUR
Ramping/Semi-Auto Mode: PSP & Millennium mode (capped at 12.5 BPS).
Roster Size: 5 Man, up to 9 players on Roster


Open to all new teams and teams that have not competed in the Division 3 and above. Teams can have a maximum of 1 (one) Division 3 player. Only house markers or mechanical/pump markers.
Game Time: 5 minutes.
Race To: ONE
Ramping Mode: Not applicable.
Roster Size: 5 Man, up to 7 players on Roster

Event dates are as follows:

Event 1: 8-9 February 2014, Asylum Paintball Auckland

Event 2: 3-4 May 2014, Asylum Paintball Auckland

Event 3: 12-13 July 2014, Asylum Paintball Auckland 

Event 4: 20-21 September 2014, Asylum Paintball Auckland

The prize pool will be updated throughout the year and spot prizes will be given out at each event, but is currently as follows:

SAPC 2014 Series Open Grand Prizes:


Runner Up

  • SAPC 2014 Open Series Runner Up Trophy and Medals (Sponsored by Asylum Paintball)

SAPC 2014 Series Novice Grand Prizes:


Runner Up

  • SAPC 2014 Novice Runner Up Trophy and Medals (Sponsored by Asylum Paintball)

Thank You to our Sponsors & Supporting Organisations:

PALS, Asylum Paintball, RC Media, NZPPL, Blacksheep Media, Sup Air, The Millennium Series, South Auckland Paintball Club Inc, American Paintball Players Association.

If you would like to enquire about sponsoring or supporting the event, please email for more information.

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