2014 End of Season Round Up

Another great season has passed and it was full of achievements!

The South Auckland Paintball club would not be able to get to where we are now without your constant support over the last few years! Massive thanks to all players who come every event and spend hours training to compete as hard as they can in our events.

Huge thanks to referees who come and make our days safe and fair. Without our referees this would not be a sport, but a pointless paint fest for bunch of adrenaline infused angry people – and this would not work out well.

Special mention goes out to Black Sheep Media and Tony Dickson. Tony has supported SAPC from the very early stages and is constantly putting both himself and his equipment on the line to make us all look good! He’s always a great dude to have on the field and is always willing to help!

Thank you also to Gavin from Red Alert Paintball games for providing the spare compressor to the club, and for being instrumental in starting up the Auckland Super 5 man league close to a decade ago, which game inspiration for our league.

To everyone who helped us this year, you guys are awesome!

Achievements of the Club for 2014 season

  • SAPC were first in NZ to successfully adopt Asia Pacific Paintball Federation (APPBF)  Rule set without any modifications and use it in all of our events, setting the standard for similar events in the region.
  • SAPC were first in NZ to implement the use of APPA team and players registration software. Now all players in SAPC are able to keep both their team and personal scores, and have a ranking that can be used for play anywhere in the world that use the system (such as PALS, PSP and NCPA leagues).
  • The Launch of Mechanical Division or D4 using APPBF standards has attracted enough attention to host regular d4 events alongside our open events. The league has shown positive growth throughout the year with total 8 different teams competing. It is known that some teams / players will be moving up to Open Division next season. Next year will also see the formation of plenty of new teams, and we expect the strongest growth to be in the D4 leagues for the future.
  • Open Race to 4 division was formed this year by SAPC. This represents Division 1-3 by APPBF standards.  By using a correct, unmodified ruleset we have seen amazing results. Tournaments are more competitive,  games are faster and more intense, require a greater level of play and skills. Teams that have regularly played Race events have placed well in other tournaments around the county. It was always great to have our Tauranga Paintball Club friends here this year. We are looking forward to see more of you next season!
  • The club has mentioned in at least one newspaper article and is about to feature in the youth “Tearaway Magazine”.  People around the world are aware of our existence in leagues from South East Asia, Europe and the USA. A few years ago we ended up in the Shortbus, now we are getting mentions in PBnation!
  • This years SAPC winners will be competing in the D2 league of the PALS World Cup Asia in Langkawi, Malaysia. Entry fees have been sponsored by the PALS Series and Accommodation  is sponsored by Asylum Paintball. Our president will also be an official tournament coordinator at the largest event in the Asia Pacific region, which recognises the standing of the SAPC in our area.

Rankings 2014

We are proud to have achieved all of this without increasing our entry fee prices, and have kept paint at the same level for the last three years.  We are looking forward to another awesome year of great competition. Our goals are to increase the player base at grassroots level and increase awareness of paintball as a competitive sport in the community.

We are committed to promoting the highest level of play, tournament facilities and fairness.  If you think 2014 was kick ass, wait to you see the plans for 2015.  That said, we can’t do it without you, and need your support – let us know your ideas for next year, get your teams more involved in the club processes and meetings, and do what you can to support D4 teams. Without you guys we don’t have a sport!

Thank you and see you on the field.

Vitaly V Miheev

SAPC President 27/09/2014

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SAPC Inc – Sending Kiwis to Paintball World Cup Asia 2014

SAPC Inc Announce PALS World Cup Asia Prizes

The South Auckland Paintball Club is pleased to announce one of the coolest prizes ever for a local paintball league. This years winners of the 2014 SAPC Open Series win a FREE entry and accommodation for the November 2014 World Cup Asia in Langkawi, Malaysia.

WCA logo (1)

Thanks to the support of PALS the winning team for the Open League for 2014 will receive free entry into the division D2 of the PALS World Cup Asia, to represent New Zealand and the Auckland region at the premier paintball event in the Asia Pacific region. Not only that but your teams accommodation for the event will be covered by the wonderful guys at Asylum Paintball. To celebrate this the first layout for the year will be the World Cup Asia 2013 layout which will be available to train on between now and February 7.

WCA 2013 layout

World Cup Asia is the largest event in the region, attracting participants, sponsors, vendors and media from around the world competing from Pro level such as San Diego Dynasty, Edmonton Impact, Los Angeles Infamous and more all the way to Division 4.

South Auckland Paintball Club Inc would like to give a massive thank you to our sponsors and supporters PALS and Asylum Paintball, without their support we would not be able to offer such wonderful prizes.

The first event kicks off from February 8-9 at Asylum Paintball in Auckland, with more information available on the South Auckland Paintball Club Facebook event page. Teams are advised to register as early as possible on the APPA website to secure their entries.

Full prize information will be kept updated on the league homepage.